Color Me Purple and Being Smart, Radio Interview, Madison, WI

On Saturday, Dec. 10 I had the honor of discussing Color Me Purple and the concepts and theories behind it on “All About Living with Carol Koby” on Hank AM radio 1550 & 97.7 FM.

Carol introduced the program in the following way: “In her latest book, Color Me Purple, author and educator, Ellie Schatz, tells the fictionalized story of 8 children from 8 different ethnic and cultural backgrounds who are smart in 8 different ways. It shows all children that they have different kinds of smart inside them, and knowing about their kinds of smart will help them to be who they want to be. The book is illustrated by Donna J. Parker and written for children 8-12. Ellie describes the broad range of smarts from math smart to sports smart and how these smarts can be supported and applied today to help children develop their fullest potential. Ellie Schatz is the founder and former president of the Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth and also authored, Grandma Says It’s Good to Be Smart.”

If you were unable to listen on Saturday the program will be posted on



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