Early Learning – Book Launch

In November, every parent who values learning should be aware of a new book for children ages 3-7. Aimed to reinforce a love of learning in young children, the book is full of lovable characters, from dogs and frogs to koala bears and horses. Author Ellie Schatz has been a teacher for more than forty years, and has spent most of her career working with smart, gifted, talented children. She wrote this book as a companion to her parenting book on raising a smart child in hopes of overcoming the stigma that often accompanies any show of smartness as children enter the American social world. In many, if not most, school settings, children learn quickly to tone down their vocabularies, hide their enthusiasm for academics, and accept a dumbed-down curriculum. Some of them languish. Others become class clowns or underachievers. Most of them fail to reach their learning potential.

Ellie is now a grandmother of a six-year-old first grader and a four-year-old preschooler. They live in a stimulating home environment. But as they enter these important early school years, Grandma hopes they will retain their curiosity, love of reading, impressive vocabularies, and conversation skills. Grandma encourages them to grow into life-long learners. This book is for them – Benjamin and Jordan. This book is for their peers across the nation.

Watch for news of the book’s release, coming in early November, 2009.

Book for Every Smart Pre-K Learner

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